Manichaeism shapes modern europe: the example of our parliamentary system

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Dokumentart: Article
Date: 2004
Source: ARAM, 16.2004, S. 285 - 293
Language: English
Faculty: 9 Sonstige / Externe
Department: Sonstige/Externe
DDC Classifikation: 230 - Christianity and Christian theology
Keywords: Manichäismus , Parlamentarismus , Eleonore <von Aquitanien>
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Subtitle: The cases of Eleanor of Aquitania (1124 - 1204), of Marie de France, born about 1150, abbess of the convent of Shaftesbury from 1181 till about 1216, of Wolfram from Eschenbach (ca. 1170 - 1220) and his Parzival (and not of the Perceval of Chrestien of Troyes) and also of William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) Vortrag gehalten am 10.Juli 2002 vor dem Kongreß "The Manichaeans" der ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, Oxford. Erstveröffentlichung in: ARAM, 16, 2004, 285-293.

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