On Some Scaling Limits for Branching and Coalescent Processes

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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10900/146211
Dokumentart: PhDThesis
Date: 2023-10-12
Language: English
Faculty: 7 Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Department: Mathematik
Advisor: Möhle, Martin (Prof. Dr.)
Day of Oral Examination: 2023-04-19
DDC Classifikation: 510 - Mathematics
Keywords: Verzweigungsprozess , Koaleszenz
Other Keywords:
Branching Processes
License: http://tobias-lib.uni-tuebingen.de/doku/lic_mit_pod.php?la=de http://tobias-lib.uni-tuebingen.de/doku/lic_mit_pod.php?la=en
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Two well-known processes from the field of mathematical population genetics are treated. The two processes are a class of branching processes and partition-valued, exchangeable coalescents. In both cases process-valued scaling limits are provided as the initial population size tends to infinity. For branching processes the number of individuals is examined and for coalescents the number of blocks.

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